Calumet Prairie
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Calumet Prairie Nature Preserve is owned and managed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Nature Preserves.

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Species list for all plots
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Latin NameCommon NameMapStrataNative?
Acer saccharumsugar mapleYES
Alisma subcordatumcommon water plantainYES
Apios americanaground nutYES
Asclepias incarnataswamp milkweedYES
Boehmeria cylindricarough false nettleYES
Calamagrostis canadensisblue joint grassYES
Calystegia sepiumhedge bindweedYES
Carex strictacommon tussock sedgeYES
Cephalanthus occidentalisbuttonbushYES
Cirsium arvensefield thistle; Canada thistleNO [invasive]
Eupatorium maculatumspotted Joe Pye weedYES
Eupatorium perfoliatumcommon bonesetYES
Eupatorium serotinumlate bonesetYES
Hibiscus moscheutos ssp. moscheutosswamp rose mallowYES
Iris virginicablue flagYES
Juncus effususcommon rushYES
Ludwigia polycarpafalse loosestrifeYES
Lycopus americanuscommon water horehoundYES
Lythrum alatumwinged loosestrifeYES
Lythrum salicariapurple loosestrifeNO [invasive]
Mentha arvensiswild mintYES
Mimulus ringensmonkey flowerYES
Oenothera bienniscommon evening primroseYES
Onoclea sensibilissensitive fernYES
Osmunda regalis var. spectabilisroyal fernYES
Penthorum sedoidesditch stonecropYES
Persicaria lapathifoliaheartsease; rough heartseaseYES
Persicaria sagittataarrow-leaved tearthumbYES
Phragmites australiscommon reedNO [invasive]
Populus tremuloidesquaking aspenYES
Ranunculus pensylvanicusbristly buttercupYES
Ranunculus sceleratuscursed buttercupYES
Rosa palustrisswamp roseYES
Rumex verticillatusswamp dockYES
Salix interiorsandbar willowYES
Scirpus cyperinuswool grassYES
Scutellaria laterifloramad-dog skullcapYES
Spiraea albameadowsweetYES
Stachys hispidamarsh hedge nettleYES
Thelypteris palustris var. pubescensmarsh shield fernYES
Typha x glaucahybrid cattailNO [invasive]
Vernonia fasciculatacommonn ironweedYES
Vitis ripariariverbank grapeYES
39 native4 nonnative(4 invasive non-native)Species count : 43
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Protected Species Policy
To prevent poaching, NIRMI does not provide the location of any endangered, threatened, or otherwise protected species found within any of our plots. All lists, charts, and calculations (richness, FQI, etc.) therefore exclude these species as well.
If you are conducting research and have a legitimate need for this unfiltered data, please contact us at
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