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Latin NameCommon NameMapStrataNative?
Acer rubrumred mapleYES
Ambrosia artemisiifoliacommon ragweedYES
Andropogon gerardiibig bluestem; turkeyfootYES
Apocynum cannabinumindian help; dogbaneYES
Asclepias syriacacommon milkweedYES
Aster novae-angliaeNew England asterYES
Calamagrostis canadensisblue joint grassYES
Chamaecrista fasciculatapartridge peaYES
Chrysanthemum leucanthemumox-eye daisyNO [invasive]
Cirsium vulgarebull thistleNO [invasive]
Daucus carotawild carrot; Queen Anne's laceNO [invasive]
Dipsacus sylvestriscommon teaselNO [invasive]
Echinacea purpureabroad-leaved purple coneflowerYES
Elymus canadensisCanada wild ryeYES
Epilobium coloratumcinnamon willow herbYES
Equisetum hyemale ssp. affinetall scouring rushYES
Erechtites hieraciifolius var. hieraciifoliuspilewort, burnweed, white fireweedYES
Erigeron annuusannual fleabaneYES
Eryngium yuccifoliumrattlesnake masterYES
Eupatorium maculatumspotted Joe Pye weedYES
Eupatorium perfoliatumcommon bonesetYES
Euthamia caroliniana s.l.slender-leaved goldenrodYES
Euthamia graminifoliacommon grass-leaved goldenrodYES
Fraxinus pennsylvanicared ashYES
Helianthus giganteustall sunflowerYES
Helianthus mollisdowny sunflowerYES
Helianthus tuberosusJerusalem artichokeYES
Impatiens capensisspotted touch-me-not; orange jewelweedYES
Juncus torreyiTorrey's rushYES
Lobelia cardinaliscardinal flowerYES
Lycopus americanuscommon water horehoundYES
Lythrum salicariapurple loosestrifeNO [invasive]
Melilotus albawhite sweet cloverNO [invasive]
Mimulus ringensmonkey flowerYES
Monarda fistulosawild bergamontYES
Oenothera bienniscommon evening primroseYES
Panicum virgatumswitch grassYES
Penstemon calycosussmooth beard tongueYES
Penstemon digitalisfoxglove beard tongueYES
Persicaria lapathifoliaheartsease; rough heartseaseYES
Phalaris arundinaceareed canary grassNO [invasive]
Phragmites australiscommon reedNO [invasive]
Poa annuaannual blue grassNO
Populus deltoideseastern cottonwoodYES
Pycnanthemum tenuifoliumslender mountain mintYES
Ratibida pinnatayellow coneflower; gray-headed coneflowerYES
Rudbeckia subtomentosasweet black-eyed SusanYES
Rumex  ?
Rumex crispuscurly dockNO
Salix interiorsandbar willowYES
Schoenoplectus acutus var. acutushard-stemmed bulrushYES
Scirpus cyperinuswool grassYES
Silphium integrifolium var. integrifoliumrosin weedYES
Silphium perfoliatum var. perfoliatumcup plantYES
Solidago altissimatall goldenrodYES
Solidago canadensisCanada goldenrodYES
Solidago junceaearly goldenrodYES
Spartina pectinataprairie cord grassYES
Toxicodendron radicanspoison ivyYES
Typha x glaucahybrid cattailNO [invasive]
Verbena hastatablue vervainYES
Vernonia fasciculatacommonn ironweedYES
Veronicastrum virginicumCulver's rootYES
Vitis ripariariverbank grapeYES
52 native1 unknown11 nonnative(9 invasive non-native)Species count : 64
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Protected Species Policy
To prevent poaching, NIRMI does not provide the location of any endangered, threatened, or otherwise protected species found within any of our plots. All lists, charts, and calculations (richness, FQI, etc.) therefore exclude these species as well.
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