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Site List
Ambler Expansion
Arcelor Mittal Burns Harbor
Barker Woods
Beaver Dam
Big Marsh
Bur Oak Woods
Calumet Prairie
Charter School of the Dunes
Coffee Creek
Cressmoor Prairie
ExxonMobil Hammond Terminal
Fox Run
Gibson Woods Nature Preserve
Great Marsh North
Hegewisch Marsh
Hidden Prairie
Indian Ridge Marsh
INDU - Central Beach West
INDU Great Marsh, Brown Kintzele Ditch West
INDU Great Marsh, Cowles Wetland Complex West
INDU Great Marsh, Derby Ditch East
INDU Great Marsh, Tansley Marsh
INDU Headquarter Woods
INDU Lake Plain Prairie
INDU Miller Woods
INDU Mt. Baldy
Ivanhoe Dune and Swale
Ivanhoe South
Kankakee Sands
Kennedy-Cline East
Kennedy-Cline West
Krueger Middle School
Little Calumet River Prairie & Wetlands
Marquette Pannes
Marquette Park
Munster Heritage Park & Bieker Woods
Pine Station
Richardson Preserve
Roxana Marsh
Samuelson Fen
Stockwell Woods
Taltree Arboretum
Tolleston Ridges
Trail Creek Fen
UofC FieldStation-MI
Wolf Lake peninsula
Percent Native
Percent Native
83.33 - 100
66.67 - 83.33
50 - 66.67
33.33 - 50
16.67 - 33.33
0 - 16.67

Protected Species Policy
To prevent poaching, NIRMI does not provide the location of any endangered, threatened, or otherwise protected species found within any of our plots. All lists, charts, and calculations (richness, FQI, etc.) therefore exclude these species as well.
If you are conducting research and have a legitimate need for this unfiltered data, please contact us at
nirmi (at) iun (dot) edu.

SitePercent Native
INDU Mt. Baldy95.24
INDU Great Marsh, Tansley Marsh95.16
INDU Great Marsh, Derby Ditch East92.98
Great Marsh North92.68
Kankakee Sands92.31
INDU Great Marsh, Cowles Wetland Complex West91.46
Kennedy-Cline West90.91
Ivanhoe Dune and Swale90.74
INDU Miller Woods90.48
Richardson Preserve90.12
Trail Creek Fen89.66
Gibson Woods Nature Preserve87.96
INDU Great Marsh, Brown Kintzele Ditch West87.27
Samuelson Fen87.27
Ivanhoe South86.92
Fox Run86.81
Kennedy-Cline East86.21
Charter School of the Dunes86.05
Tolleston Ridges85.71
Wolf Lake peninsula83.78
Marquette Pannes82.93
Coffee Creek82.81
Cressmoor Prairie82.52
Hidden Prairie82.25
INDU Headquarter Woods82.08
Stockwell Woods81.48
INDU - Central Beach West81.25
Ambler Expansion80.18
INDU Lake Plain Prairie79.78
Hegewisch Marsh78.85
Barker Woods78.82
ExxonMobil Hammond Terminal78.57
Bur Oak Woods78.18
Calumet Prairie77.38
Pine Station76.6
Taltree Arboretum75.61
Munster Heritage Park & Bieker Woods74.29
UofC FieldStation-MI73.91
Little Calumet River Prairie & Wetlands73.11
Arcelor Mittal Burns Harbor72.32
Krueger Middle School70.16
Marquette Park69.57
Roxana Marsh69.09
Beaver Dam68.15
Indian Ridge Marsh50
Big Marsh0
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