Trail Creek Fen
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Trail Creek Fen Nature Preserve is a property owned by Save the Dunes. Its native plant community is that of a fen, where a variety of different species are found.

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Latin NameCommon NameMapStrataNative?
Alliaria petiolatagarlic mustardNO [invasive]
Allium tricoccum var. burdickiiwild leekYES
Ambrosia artemisiifoliacommon ragweedYES
Arisaema dracontiumgreen dragonYES
Arisaema triphyllumJack-in-the-pulpitYES
Asclepias incarnataswamp milkweedYES
Bidens  ?
Campanula aparinoidesmarsh bellflowerYES
Carex blandacommon wood sedgeYES
Carex lacustriscommon lake sedgeYES
Carex strictacommon tussock sedgeYES
Cephalanthus occidentalisbuttonbushYES
Circaea lutetiana ssp. canadensisenchanter's nightshadeYES
Cornus obliquapale dogwood; blue-fruited dogwood; silky dogwoodYES
Crataegus  ?
Eleocharis  ?
Elymus virginicusVirginia wild ryeYES
Epilobium leptophyllumfen willow herbYES
Epilobium strictumdowny willow herbYES
Eupatorium maculatumspotted Joe Pye weedYES
Eupatorium perfoliatumcommon bonesetYES
Galium asprellumrough bedstrawYES
Galium concinnumshining bedstrawYES
Galium obtusumwild madderYES
Glechoma hederaceacreeping CharlieNO [invasive]
Impatiens capensisspotted touch-me-not; orange jewelweedYES
Ipomoea  ?
Iris virginicablue flagYES
Laportea canadensiswood nettleYES
Leersia oryzoidesrice cut grassYES
Ligustrum vulgarecommon privetNO [invasive]
Lindera benzoinspicebushYES
Lycopus americanuscommon water horehoundYES
Lysimachia ciliatafringed loosestrifeYES
Lysimachia nummulariamoneywortNO [invasive]
Maianthemum racemosumfeathery false Solomon's sealYES
Onoclea sensibilissensitive fernYES
Parthenocissus quinquefoliaVirginia creeperYES
Persicaria virginianawoodland knotweedYES
Prunus serotinawild black cherryYES
Rosa multifloraJapanese rose; multiflora roseNO [invasive]
Rosa palustrisswamp roseYES
Rubus occidentalisblack raspberryYES
Rumex britannicagreat water dockYES
Sagittaria latifoliacommon arrowheadYES
Salix amygdaloidespeach-leaved willowYES
Sanicula trifoliatabeaked black snakerootYES
Scirpus cyperinuswool grassYES
Solidagogoldenrod ?
Symplocarpus foetidusskunk cabbageYES
Thalictrum dioicumearly meadow rueYES
Thelypteris palustris var. pubescensmarsh shield fernYES
Toxicodendron radicanspoison ivyYES
Toxicodendron vernixpoison sumacYES
Typha x glaucahybrid cattailNO [invasive]
Ulmus americanaAmerican elmYES
Verbena hastatablue vervainYES
Vitis ripariariverbank grapeYES
47 native5 unknown6 nonnative(6 invasive non-native)Species count : 58
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