Tutorial : Viewing Maps
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Can I see a map of the site? Or a map to it?
Most, but not all, sites have maps available. Once you've selected a site, click on the "maps" link near the top of the page, underneath the site title (as shown below).
Note : if there is no "maps" link here, that means that maps are not available for this site yet.

Maps may be in a variety of formats, from static images to .PDF files to embedded Google Maps (as shown in the screenshot below). Embedded maps, if available, allow you to zoom in/out and get driving directions to the site.

Tutorial : Specific Sites
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How do I find what sites are listed, and get to a site page?
How do I find a list of species?
Can I see pictures of the site?
Can I see maps of the site? Or to the site?
Can I see spatial information for species within a site?
Can I make graphs or do heavier data analysis?
Can I export this data somehow?
Can I see soil data?
Can I see data on fungi?
Can I compare smaller scales within plots? (...yes - it's an option here)
Can I calculate FQI? (...yes - it's an option here)
Can I calculate mean C? (...yes - it's an option here)

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