Tutorial : Selecting a Site
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From the main nirmi.org page, click on "Data" on the right side.

Here you can see an alphabetical list of sites on the left side of your screen. Click on the one you're interested in to go to that site's page. Alternately, you can choose a site geographically from the map in the center of the page by clicking on its dot (holding your cursor over a dot will display that site's name).

Choosing either of these will take you to the site page, as shown below. From here you'll be able to view a variety of data about this specific site.

Tutorial : Specific Sites
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How do I find what sites are listed, and get to a site page?
How do I find a list of species?
Can I see pictures of the site?
Can I see maps of the site? Or to the site?
Can I see spatial information for species within a site?
Can I make graphs or do heavier data analysis?
Can I export this data somehow?
Can I see soil data?
Can I see data on fungi?
Can I compare smaller scales within plots? (...yes - it's an option here)
Can I calculate FQI? (...yes - it's an option here)
Can I calculate mean C? (...yes - it's an option here)

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